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缔造良好的英语课堂语言气氛,是调动学生努力性、举行有效教学的须要手段。所以,教师在课堂上要只管多讲英语,使学生们能耳濡目染,徐徐地追随老师自然地讲英语。英语教师课堂常用语大全在这里,赶忙收藏了吧 ​!Beginning a class ( ​开始上课)1. Let's start class. =It's time for class. 上课2. Hello, boys and girls / children.同学们好3. Good morning /afternoon, boys and girls / teacher/同学们/老师们,早晨好/下午好4.Stand up / Sit down, please.起立/请坐5. Who is on duty today? 今天谁值日?6. Is everyone / everybody here /present? 大家都出席了吗?7. Is anyone/anybody absent? 有人缺席吗?8. Who’s absent? 谁没来?9. Let's begin our class. 咱们上课吧.10. We'll start / begin a new lesson today.今天我们讲学习新课.11. What day is it today? 今天星期几?12. What's the weather like today? 今天的天气怎么样?In Class ( ​课堂上)13. Let's begin a new lesson. 们开始学新课.14. We'll learn something new .我们讲学新知识.15. Let's learn some new words/ sentences. 咱们学些新单词/句子16. Let's review what we learned yesterday.咱们温习一下昨天学过的内容.17. Ready? Are you ready? 准备好了吗?18. Start. 开始19. All together.大家一起来.20. Read all together now.大家一起读.21. Sit down ,please.请坐规矩.22. Stop talking. don't talk.不许说话.23. Be quiet, please.请平静.24. Look at my mouth, please.请看我的口型。

25. Quickly, /be quick, please. 请迅速点。26. Hurry. Hurry up, please. = Please a little faster.请快点。27. Do you understand? = Do you follow me 听懂了吗?28. Can you follow me? 你能听懂我的话吗?29. Is that clear? 听清楚了吗?30. Listen, please.请听。

31. Please listen to me. 请注意听我说。32. Please listen to the tape recorder/ to the recording. 请听录音。


33. Listen carefully, please.请仔细听。34. Look carefully.仔细看。35. Please look at the blackboard/picture/ slide.请看黑板/幻灯片。

36. Please answer my questions.请回覆我的问题。37. Can you spell the word....? 你能拼读这个单词吗?38. Spell the word...., please.请拼读这个单词。39. Pay attention to your spelling/pronunciation.注意你的拼写/发音。


40. Say after me, please.请跟我说。41. Read after me, please.请跟我读。42. Try to keep up with me, please.请跟我学。

43. Please say it again.请再说一遍。44. Please repeat/ Once more, please/ again please.请再作一次。45. Who's going to ... ?谁准备.........?46. Who wants to...? 谁想要.............?47. Please come to the front.请到前面来。48. In pairs, please.请两人一组训练。

49. Practice in groups, please/ In groups , please.请按小组训练50. Any volunteers?有谁自愿做这件事吗?51. Let's do it. One by one ,please.请一个接一个地做。52. Now you, please. =Would you, please? = It’s your turn now! = you want to try? 请你来53. Next, please.请下一个。54. Now ( you) d。



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